IBA World Cafe sessions, facilitated by Chris Vaagt

As an alternative to the panel sessions or discussions with some participants on a podium, when the participants basically have to follow and can not actively participate, we have introduced new formats into the IBA. Starting with the world cafe format in our now famous "Law Firm management Café" sessions, we are constantly improving the experience for participants. Basically, we assume that each participants has some prior knowledge and can give just as much as he or she can "recieve". Thus we have developed interactive sessions, which are mor in line how adults learn and exchange their experiences.

Starting with the Law Firm Management Opportunities and Challenges cafe in Boston 2013, facilitated by Chris Vaagt and David Morley, Senior Partner from Allen & Overy, we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of new, exciting meeting  techniques which we employ also in partnership retreats or other official meetings.

See or list of experiences here:

Comments by participants on the first IBA Law Firm Management Café

„Speed dating with substance”

“Panels are dead”

“I was surprised how quickly the participants caught on to the approach, and the excellent insights they gave.  We covered a lot in a short amount of time.”

“This is the best session ever which I have attended at an IBA event!”

(Based on survey done immediately afterwards)

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